Jeffrey Liu

Department Sales Manager
Sport Chek Tsawwassen Mills 
(4 years of service)

Allow me to introduce myself, “Hi...I’m Jeff!” I run, play badminton and hit the occasional golf ball. I began my career with Sport Chek as a part time sales advisor in Hardgoods, and am currently a Department Sales Manager of Footwear.

Naturally, the question begs asking, “Jeff, if you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?” If I were a shoe, I would be an Asics Gel Kayano 23 Lite Show. I give plenty of support, blindingly flashy when I want to be, and not to mention a big softie inside! The Kayano, in its 23rd generation, is famous for its consistency and performance...and my 23 year old self is excited to work towards earning those stripes
one day as well.

My journey with Sport Chek began sitting in an interview shaking with nervousness. I had no idea what to expect when I was hired, but I was absolutely astonished at the welcoming support I received on the first day when I was handed my jersey. It felt like a community, but more importantly, it felt like a family.

Fast forward four years, and that is still the reason I love coming to work. Early on in my career with Sport Chek, I used to think we merely sold sporting goods. But as every day passes, I believe that we are truly in the business of people. Our role in the community is to inspire Canadians to live healthy and active lifestyles. Sport Chek has allowed me to develop strong relationships and create life-long bonds, with customers and peers alike, through sport. I believe this is the true value of our organization. We have the opportunity to make an impact on people. It’s such an exciting feeling coming to work knowing that I have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life, one sweaty workout at a time.
For our community of customers, we strive to provide the most authentic and genuine experience, based not on a foundation of persuasion, but rather communication and motivation. For our peers, we strive to provide the tools we need to succeed and the opportunities to lead and grow to become better leaders and citizens each and every day.

I am passionate about people, and every day I strive to uplift, inspire and grow others to better serve our community. Sport Chek helped me find my passion of helping others succeed and gave me the opportunity and challenge to take the reigns as a leader in the organization. The culture of our company is evident on the countless smiling faces that come and go in our stores across the nation. Whether it’s helping fit a first time racer with new shoes or lacing up that first pair of skates, Sport Chek is a
community dedicated to positivity and excitement and tirelessly strives to help pave the way to a ‘better you’. Through my years with Sport Chek, I’ve grown a love and passion for what we do, and I’m excited for the next chapter ahead.

The question is...ARE YOU?