Jumpstart Helps All Kids Play Sports

As you read this, there’s a kid sitting at home that you can help. 

Most of us who incorporate sports as part of a healthy lifestyle, started when we were young. Remember back when you were growing up, and the friends you made and fun you had playing sports? Now imagine what your life would be like, if you’d been unable to participate in sports when you were a kid. Being part of a team, pulling together, learning how to win and lose, working up a sweat and giving it your all, brings out something in you as a person and helps you grow with more confidence and self-esteem

Sport Chek’s goal is to inspire all Canadians to Lead Active Healthy Lifestyles, especially children. We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to play, but the unfortunate reality is that one in three Canadian families can’t afford to enroll their children in sports or recreational activities (*Vision Critical2011). In response to this sad fact, Canadian Tire Corporation   created a Registered Charity in 2005 called Jumpstart. Sport Chek’s involvement and support of the Jumpstart Program began in 2013. Active in 350 communities across Canada, Jumpstart helps kids take part in organized sport and recreation by covering the costs of registration, equipment and/or transportation. 

To date, we’ve given more than 700,000 kids across Canada the chance to play, as well as helping their parents enjoy the benefits of having active, healthy, engaged kids. How do we do that? Every Sport Chek store has a designated Jumpstart Champion that rallies the team around the cause and helps to inspire and organize their own Jumpstart fundraising and volunteering programs. Money is raised at fun, community-minded events like barbecues, group runs by Sport Chek employees, and through donations from the public. One hundred percent of the funds raised at an event or through donations, goes directly to kids living in that Jumpstart community. We also encourage Sport Chek team members to volunteer for kids sporting activities in their communities. 

Just as Jumpstart helps kids get off on the right foot, it energizes and rewards everyone who contributes at the store level, and gives them an opportunity to make a difference. As you read this, there’s a kid sitting at home that you can help. Are you interested? Then join us at Sport Chek. Together, we can help ALL kids play.