Life at Sport Chek

Thinking of a job at Sport Chek? If you love to play sports and encourage others to lead healthy lives, you’re a perfect fit.

So maybe you’re thinking of joining the Sport Chek team, but have absolutely no idea what it’s like to work there. Totally understandable. It’s actually a good thing because working at Sport Chek is really different than working at any other retail store.

Your first four shifts at Sport Chek will be spent learning your day-to-day role. On day one, you’ll spend a couple of hours with your store manager learning about our brand and what our customers have come to expect from shopping at our stores. You’ll learn how to connect with customers and set them up with everything they need for the activities or sports they love.

You’ll spend the next three shifts working with other members of the management team and some of your new teammates. We recognize that you are a rookie at Sport Chek and we want to help you become a PRO. We will take you through some of our industry leading and award-winning training programs to set you on your path to becoming a PRO. We want you to be yourself and to let your enthusiasm for sports and activity shine through as you give customers the best advice and help your teammates keep the store neat and clean.

You’ll be able to buy all the latest and greatest sports gear at a great discount. We don’t have nerdy uniforms so you can use your discount to buy some awesome new shoes to wear with your own jeans and our tech apparel jersey. How cool is that?

If you love being active or playing sports, and sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with others, then you’re a perfect fit for Sport Chek. Our mission is to inspire Canadians to live healthy actives lives-- this includes you too! Scheduling is flexible so you’ll have plenty of time to get out and do what you love!

If we’ve piqued your interest, check to see what jobs are available near you and apply. You’ll be glad you did.