We Go to Great Heights to Support Our Team Members

Flexible scheduling allows you to grow and develop in your off-time as well as your work-time.

"We are nothing without the individuals who make up our Sport Chek teams"

The more well-rounded and sports-centric you are, the better. That’s why people who have active lives in sports and recreation at all levels, come to work at Sport Chek. Ask our Calgary store team member, Atsuko Tanaka. In addition to being a part-time Hard Goods Advisor, Atsuko is an elite athlete and member of the Canadian National Ski Jumping Team who recently competed in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Working at Sport Chek gives her a flexible schedule for travel and training, as well as the money she needs to pay for her expenses.

What impressed Atsuko from her early days at Sport Chek was the support of athletes seemed ingrained in the hiring process. As soon as she’d begun working here, she knew she’d made the right choice for several reasons. The first, and most important, was the overwhelming support she received from her store teammates when she competed in the Olympics. Second was the opportunity to work with leading brands and latest innovations in sporting goods. This allows Atsuko to “intellectually cross-train” outside of her own sport which gives her a stronger base in overall sporting goods knowledge, how gear works, how it’s made, how it’s been designed to fit and it’s function.

If you’re an athlete or if sports are a big part of your life, Atsuko offers this advice: “If you’re dedicated to your training and your sport, pick a workplace that’s a realistic balance to that. Be honest with your employers about your need for a flexible schedule.” That’s not something every employer is willing to compromise on but at Sport Chek, it’s a way of life. It makes you the person you are and that’s the person we need.

Learn more about Atsuko and keep up to date with her training and competitions: